Bonnie & Earl Updegrove

Earl David Updegrove

10/31/1919 - 9/30/1989

Along with his 8 siblings, Earl grew up in the coal mining town of Muir PA. His family ancestry is traceable back to central Pennsylvania in the late 1700’s. While the Updegrove name is associated with the Op den Graeff family who migrated from Germany in the late 1600’s, there is a question as to whether Earl’s family is of the same lineage. Earl spent his career working for the Federal Maritime Commission and retired as Director of Budget and Finance. He was a musician and an artist.


Katherine “Bonnie” Graham Updegrove

11/13/1924 - 2/28/2016

Bonnie grew up in Hamilton/Purcellville VA. The ancestors of Bonnie’s father, Charles McDonald Graham, spent several generations in southwest Virginia. Charles’ father, William Robert Graham, moved his family from Tazewell VA to Hamilton VA around 1904 when Charles was 7 years old. Bonnie’s mother, Kathleen Arnold, grew up west of Lucketts VA. Her traceable family roots in Loudoun go back to the mid 1700’s. Bonnie worked as an RN, mostly at Arlington Hospital, and retired as the Associate Director of Nursing. She was a terrific cook and known for her hospitality and outgoing personality.


Katherine “Bonnie” Graham Updegrove Memorial Service

March 5, 2016